Covid-19 Policy

Instructions for Parents Guardians


Lockdown due to Covid-19.  Classes are given over Zoom with the child’s own teacher at the time below.

Any parent not wishing to participate should notify the School allowing us to stop their GoCardless payments for that period of suspension.   I regret to say we are not able to credit any more fees as all teacher will continue to be paid during this period therefore, we would appreciate your assistance in notifying us your wishes by email prior to this taking place.


When we return to the Studio

When bringing your child to class:

1.Please have your child dressed for class with only their shoes and coat to bring in, please ensure shoes /coats are easy to take off/ put on themselves.

2.Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the class start time, parents are not allowed to enter the building, apart from one pre-school parent who may enter wearing a face covering  to assist their child and change their shoes.

3.While waiting outside please remain 2m apart from other Adults/ children under 12 do not need to physically distance.

4.Any Student from Grade 3 upwards must wear a face covering unless medically exempt when entering the Building and moving around communal areas such as the café , dressing rooms and toilets (but not yet required when inside the Studio)

5. From Grade 3 upwards students may use the Changing rooms (Numbers have been limited to allow for social distancing) a member of Staff will clean the room after each class.

6.On entering, your child will be brought into the Café area where they will sanitise their hands and line up at the Studio door.

7.Once your child has entered the Studio, they will be assigned a chair to put on their shoes and leave their coat on (Each chair is cleaned between classes)

8.The Studio has floor markings (their dots) to stand on, these are 2m apart for social distancing although Primary aged children will have the experience of an almost normal class as they are not required to physically distance from each other, the older students will be spread out in staggered lines to allow for more physical space.

9.At the end of the class parents/guardians should wait outside in the Car park area at the back of the studio again adhering to the Social distancing guidelines.

10.Your child will change into their outdoor shoes and coat in the studio they will sanitise their hands on leaving the building and then be brought out to you.