Exceptional Dance and Performance
Training In The Heart of Scotland.

At Morag Alexander School Of Dance we offer the younger student a careful path of progression with the opportunity of being introduced to dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro Dance, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Scottish.

 We plan levels of training carefully designed to introduce the correct technique and instruction appropriate for
the age and physical development of the student. Our school ethos is to nurture each individual child to develop their own
strengths and provide them with the confidence and poise to support them throughout life.

How to get started…

Select the class you wish your child to attend from our Venue & Timetables and then attend a free trial class.

You can choose from Musselburgh, Gullane, Dalkeith or Haddington.

After their first class please follow this link and register your account with class manager to enrol your child within the school.

Choose from…

“I attended Morag's dance school from the age of 3-18. The high standard of training enabled me to become a professional performer and teacher. The support and family environment from the teachers Molded me into the confident performer I am today. I would highly recommend Morag’s dance school to any child who has a keen interest in dance/performing.”

Shereen Osman​

“I attended classes at Morag Alexander’s School of Dance from the age of 3 to 17 years old, and dance has been a hugely positive part of my life since then. The classes were fun, structured and challenging, and I have wonderful happy memories of rehearsing and performing the annual shows which always felt so exciting and professional! The teachers taught me poise, discipline and dedication, and sparked a love of dance and fitness that has stayed into my adult life.”


“I was a pupil at Morag Alexander School of Dance for 15 years and during that time the standard of training I received was excellent. Growing up, the school was like a second home for me and I made friends for life. Throughout my time I gained so many skills and grew as a dancer and a person. The teaching staff are all very supportive and encouraging. They have provided me with a great foundation and the confidence to go on to study dance as a full time student.”


“My name is Josie Sellwood, I went to Morag Alexander’s School of Dance for 15 years. I completed many exams with them including my Intermediate Ballet. My time at the Dance school was incredible. Every class challenged me and pushed me to become better. I definitely came out with friends for life. All the teachers there are so supportive and they really helped me to become the dancer I am today, as I have continued to study Contemporary and Ballet at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance.”